Find Your Inner Guru

 A guru is one who knows the path from darkness to light.  I am here to guide you along that path.  I am here to help you connect with your inner Guru.


Through breath-work, meditation, mantra, intent listening, and seeing the unseen, I help you tap into the infinite universal intelligence always available.  When you tap into Source, you are connected to abundant love, pure joy, radiant light, and timeless beauty.


All this is within you when you access your Soul’s Truth. It’s time to know more joy, feel more energized, live with purpose and shine like the star you are.


gu means darkness


ru means light


Let me help you shine and be divine.

Jai Jai Kaur

I was given this name by my Teacher.  Jai simply means Victory. Jai Jai (doubled) means Victorious in Spirit and Victorious in the earthly realm. 


I am the peaceful warrior, the freedom fighter, to help lead humanity from their own created darkness back to the truth of their light.  I have blazed the path from victim to victor, from lack to abundance, from confusion to clarity, from powerless to powerful for others and for myself. I am motivation unleashed.  I am inexhaustible ambition. I am infinite light. I am the embodiment of hope.  And you are too.


After all, the spiritual journey is the path from darkness to light.  It is this constant process from dark to light we must take in order to evolve and realize our highest potential.


Work with Jai Jai

Darkness comes in all forms.  It could be a troubled relationship, uncertainty in business, reoccurring health issues, feeling stuck, disillusioned with lack, living without purpose, or finding yourself in the same painful patterns. 


As a yogi and intuitive, I am gifted in seeing beyond the day-to-day dramas.  In fact, it’s through our dramas and traumas that we are given the gift to evolve.  Once we see that the demons of our darkness actually come bearing gifts, we can then set sail towards the light.

Let Jai Jai take you on a soulfully fun spiritual journey that will uplift and inspire.


Let Jai Jai help guide you on your own journey to discovering your whole self, inside and out..


Dive in with Jai Jai and discover the courage and confidence
to create the life you want.



"Jennifer Greenwald is an amazing Kundalini Yoga instructor! From the first class that I took I was hooked. Her classes are so uplifting, affirming and life-changing."

Sarah, Preschool Teacher

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