Your Personal Year Reading

with Jai Jai Kaur

Learn YOUR energetic 

connection to 2019

Tantric Numerology is the art and science of accessing the source code of the Universe.  Each person is born in a cosmic moment and our unique numbers are clues as to what we need to focus on during this lifetime.


Your Personal Year Reading helps to align you with your unique creativity, authenticity, and highest potential so you can live a conscious life united with soul purpose.


Personal Year Reading

“Our choices are the hinges of our destiny.”

Edwin Markham



This Package Includes 

  • A Personal numerology reading that gives your energetic connection to 2019

  • Meditation that compliments your personal year reading to give you strength and focus in 2019

  • Intention setting AND Clarity Coaching Call with Jennifer to support you in manifesting your deepest dreams and desires

Based on the moment our soul embodied, there are auspicious times in life we need to take action and go for it, and other times we need to sit back and simply observe.  Your Personal Year reading will give you insight on how this particular year relates to your individual soul development. 


Knowing your personal year will not only help you better relate to the experiences and circumstances that will come your way in 2019, but also direct you how to gracefully move and grow through them.


A Personal Year reading is an excellent tool to lean on throughout the year when you need a little clarity on how to be (or not be) in a given situation.

Here's how it works. 

  • Fill out the form below for the person who will be receiving the 2019 Personal Reading. 

  • Full birthday of that person is required. MM/DD/YYYY

  • Please allow 72 hours for creation.

  • You will receive the reading as a PDF via email.

  • If giving as a gift you can forward on the email or DIY Print.

PRICE: $75

Buy one reading get the second for 50% OFF! 

Use the second form below to purchase two readings. 

Wanna go deeper?


A full Numerology reading gives you detailed insight as to the strengths and challenges you came here to develop and evolve in this particular life time.

The numbers to your birth date hold the answers to your life’s creative magic and inspired potential.  As you discover the code to your numbers, you will see the gifts and challenges you were given for this lifetime. 


Tantric Numerology provides and effective means for you to align with your Higher Self and excel in life.


A numerology session contains a coaching call to understand what your numbers mean as well as prescribed meditation and/or mantra emailed to you for strengthening your gifts.