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Clarity Session


Sometimes you need that “ah-ha” moment to shift gears in your life. If you are feeling stuck, in a crisis, or just need some clarity and direction, an individualized transformative coaching session will connect you to your Higher Self.


During our coaching session, I will help you sort through the mind chaos so you can reconnect with your inner voice for peace and clarity.

Clarity Package

$275 / 4 Sessions

We all have an inner voice, an advanced intelligence, which knows what is best for our highest good.  Unfortunately in the age of over scheduling, massive commitments, and stressful deadlines, we don’t always set aside the time to tune into that voice. Even more, we get stuck in old belief systems and often we no longer trust the very voice that should be guiding us. 


As we work together, I will help tune you back into that voice again.  I will listen carefully and teach you tools to shift your thinking back to your inner light. I will support you as you make sustainable changes to improve your health and happiness.  I am skilled when it comes to navigating the darkness and limiting thoughts of the ego.  I am also experienced in self-care practices that help bring balance, serenity, joy, gratitude and most importantly, restored intuition as a central focus in your days. 


A clarity coaching package gives you…

· Four 1:1 transformational coaching sessions (50 minutes per session)

· Four email support sessions (between session coaching calls)

· Guidance in a supportive and confidential setting

Meditation RX


A prescribed meditation program to meet your unique goals.


Meditation calms the mind.  It can bring clarity, peace and divine alignment into our chaotic world. 


If you have wanted to start a meditation practice, but you are not sure where to begin, then this program is just what the doctor ordered! With Meditation RX you will receive a 1:1 coaching call where we will unveil your challenges and goals. Based on your session, I will prescribe you a specific meditation that will help you bust through blocks so that you can live with more freedom and peace of mind.



The Meditation RX program gives you…


  *  a diagnostic coaching call to discover your unique challenges and goals

  *  a prescribed meditation to break through your blocks

  *  a 40 day regime to begin a successful meditation practice

  *  two phone support sessions for accountability and success

  *  my personal commitment to your meditation journey



The numbers to your birth date hold the answers to your life’s creative magic and inspired potential.  As you discover the code to your numbers, you will see the gifts and challenges you were given for this lifetime. 


Tantric Numerology provides and effective means for you to align with your Higher Self and excel in life.


A numerology session contains a coaching call to understand what your numbers mean as well as prescribed meditation and/or mantra emailed to you for strengthening your gifts.

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"Working with Jennifer has helped me to see there is an abundance of opportunity and possibility then what meets the eye.  I am grateful for finding Jennifer and knowing she is always a phone call away."

Alina, Health Coach