Let Jai Jai take you on a soulful and inspirational
journey that will connect you to your soul's truth.

Music, humor, wisdom, and profound heartfelt stories are an integral part of the Kundalini experience with Jennifer.


Her classes create an encouraging atmosphere to help you work through challenging poses which will help you move through your most intimate blocks with grace. 


You will find you can make the “impossible”, possible! 

Private Kundalini Sessions

Private sessions are tailored to your individual needs at a time that works for you. Think of it as spirit therapy with the benefits of a workout!  In a private class, meditations and kriyas are designed to meet your specific needs so you can release what needs to be released. A one-on-one class allows you to go deeper into the practice while feeling supported as you elevate yourself.


90 minutes | $120


"Her classes give a truly transformative experience with meditative and energizing music to keep you in the connective flow."

Ron, Business Owner

 Kundalini is working on you from the inside out.

Benefits of Kundalini

working the spine

Ancient yogis say that age is not measured by years, but the flexibility of your spine. A flexible spine eases discomforts in the body and allows for more mental clarity, focus, and better memory.

working the spine

Through breath work, precise poses and meditation, you are strengthening and balancing your nervous system. This allows you to be resilient in the face of daily stress. Act, don’t react!

working the neutral mind

While Kundalini absolutely tones your physical body, it’s working on creating a peaceful and sound mind too! You will leave each class feeling a sense of blissful rejuvenation. With regular practice, you will become more intuitive and calm throughout your day.

Kundalini practice will help you:

  • Feel happier, healthier, more and relaxed
  • Boost your mental clarity & energy level allowing you to be more productive
  • Be more intuitive and attract new opportunities
  • Transform your relationships with yourself and others, allowing you to feel fulfilled and satisfied
  • Allow healing to happen on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level