Lay Down & Listen Yoga

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

There are moments I'm too tired to move my body. The thought of doing the physical practice of yoga is too overwhelming. But yoga isn't always an "on the mat" experience. Yoga means union, and there are many ways to achieve that connection with the Divine.

When I don't have enough steam in my engine to make it onto the mat for a refuel, I lay down and listen to music. I let sound serenade my soul. One of my favorite musical recharges is "Amen" by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa.

Really, I need say no more. Treat yo'self to a listen.

BONUS: If you have enough energy to sweeten the moment, light a few candles before you lay down.


Lyrics by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa, Music by Sirgun Kaur Khalsa & Ram Dass Khalsa

Oh Cosmic Creator of all that is Oh Cosmic Source of all vibration Inspire us to be receptive, to create internal space where Your Presence can reside Move in us as creativity so we may be the perfect vessels of Your mission Enlighten us that we may serve the highest good and find solace in forgiveness Hallelujah May we always remember our purpose illuminate the wisdom in every moment For this infinity is Yours And its experience is mine. I am yours. You are mine. This is ours. And I am thine. From the beginning without end forever and ever Amen

Enjoy ... Sat Nam

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