Let Love Rule

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Every day we are given a choice.

We can direct our energy towards FEAR and create more darkness, ignorance, and suffering in our world.

Or, we can direct our energy towards LOVE and create more light, awareness, and joy.

If we want to know LOVE, we need to direct our energy there. We need to extract fear-based thinking from our psyche so that we can fully radiate the LOVE we desire to experience in our lives.

In order to effectively make the FEAR to LOVE shift, we must clean out the clutter and old debris (aka painful thought patterns) that cycle through our subconscious. Remember, it's the perspective of the mind that creates our reality. Whatever the mind projects is what you will see and who you will be. Therefore, it's imperative the mind gets cleansed from negative stories and false beliefs.

Kundalini Yoga to the rescue! A kundalini class offers you the cleansing your psyche needs to radiate peace, love, and joy on a frequent basis. Each class offers the opportunity to do the internal cleansing of the mind (and body) in order to transmute darkness to light. In fact, a very common feeling is to leave class feeling lighter and brighter then when you walked in. It's magical. But don't just take my word for it. Try a class!

Interested in learning more about kundalini and connecting with some light filled yogis on the spiritual path? Join Soul-Fuel. It's our private Facebook group where kundalini tips, humor, updates and soul-fueling information is shared. I'd love to further connect with you there.

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