Oh My Gong!

We all experience stress. Young or old, master or novice, no one escapes it. We all experience inner tension when we feel we are failing to meet the outside pressures.

In this day and age, as information is flying at us like a swarm of bees, you may not be certain wether you should run and take cover, or wether you should pause and bravely face the swarm with calm, as not to be stung.

You may actually feel you don’t have time to pause for the calm option, as your schedule is as overbooked as an American Airlines flight, and should you slow down you will likely be moved to stand-by status. Or become stuck in an undesirable location.

Point is, life is busy. And all this being busy creates stress on our bodies.

Because we are in GO mode all the time, we spend most of our lives in fight and flight mode. Our sympathetic nervous system gets stuck in the ON position. And like anything stuck in on mode, eventually it will short circuit, wear down, or die out.

Living with our nervous system under constant pressure like that is not sustainable. Disease will eventually find its way into the body…

…Unless we take precautionary measures to relieve the stress and flip the switch from “flight or fight” to “rest and digest” mode.

For the sake of our vitality and radiant health, we need to flip the switch!! There are a myriad of ways we can relieve tension from the body, so life can flow again.

We can go for a run.

Sip some wine.

Get a massage.


Try some talk therapy.

Take a yoga class (kundalini is my preference)

Or get a gong bath. Yes, you read that correctly.

I said gong bath.

This isn’t an “in your birthday suit” type of bathing, but it does offer a kind of cosmic travel experience that may bring you back to those days in the womb or beyond where you blissfully hung around in your birthday suit without a care in the world.

Sounds liberating - huh?

A gong bath is a type of meditation where you get to lay back and let the gong do all the meditative work for you. You will easily drop into an effortless state of relaxation. From this space the body will begin deep healing. The body’s natural intelligence kicks in.

A gong bath will:

Bring clarity of mind

Immediately reduce stress and anxiety

Stimulate your glandular system for better functioning

Stimulate circulation for more vitality

Aid in breaking addictive behavior

Regenerate neurons and their interconnections

Regenerate your nervous system

Recharge your aura (the electromagnetic field around your body)

Open and align your chakras

Clear your sub-conscious mind from negative thought patterns

Help you liberate emotional blockages

And more…

You can think of a gong bath as a deep massage from the inside out. When you get a body massage, you relieve tight and knotted muscles. Similarly, a gong bath is like a "sonic massage.” The vibrations from the gong target emotional issues that we need to release in order to move forward in life.

During a gong bath, your body will respond in a way that aligns with your highest good. You may fall asleep, you may experience visualizations, you may feel as though you left your body on a cosmic healing journey, or all of the above. Whatever you experience, you can rest assured, that a gong bath is working it’s magic on you.

The “detox” from a gong bath can last up to three days. Hallelujah!!

If you are wanting to feel lighter and brighter, I’ve got you covered. Each month I offer two gong bath opportunities:

Salt Cave at Rain Spa

The salt cave at Rain Spa feels like a cave. I liken it to spending time back in the womb of your Divine Mother, Mother Earth. This experience gives you a full hour in the cave with some light kundalini, mediation and a gong bath. This event takes place on (or around) the Full Moon; the ideal time to release your holdings.

Space is limited to 5 people.

(This event is held at the time of the Full Moon)

Call Rain Spa to RSVP: 203-483-0300

Soulshine Salt Cavern at The Red Barn

The Soulshine Salt Cavern is a sweet and salty room with zero gravity chairs for your ultimate comfort. However, before you enter the cave, you spend 75 soulful minutes raising your kundalini energy. After you have breathed new life into your body, the gong bath in the cave elevates you to new heights and infinite possibilities.

Space is limited to 10.

(This event is held the fourth Friday of each month)

Here’s the link to save your spot.


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