Prosperity can be defined as ‘the good life.” When one has prosperity they have wealth, success, comfort, good fortune, well-being, and seemingly live life with ease. Prosperity also means living a life that is growing, evolving, and expanding.

Here’s some good news: We are all born with the potential to be prosperous. In fact, it’s our birthright. Our souls are born to prosper here on planet Earth. And if they aren’t prospering, it’s simply because something is out of alignment.

More good news: If you feel prosperity is eluding you and you need some realigning, there are things you can do! From the kundalini yogic perspective, it’s simply a matter of remembering who YOU are. Now this takes a bit of mind mastering, but it can be done. And to help you, I’m going to be riffing on this topic and sharing some meditations at the next Soul Expansion Sunday.

Remembering who you are is about realigning with your divine essence, your infinite consciousnesses, the creative spark that animates your BEING. In other words, it’s honoring the Creator that lives within YOU.

When you radiate your Truth into the world, everything you need will come to serve you. We’ve been programmed to think we need to be clever and swiftly leap hurdles in order to be prosperous. But that’s not quite true. Really, prosperity is simply about being YOU. Honoring YOU. And living deeply, fully, and totally in the Truth of YOU.

While that sounds simple, it’s not always easy. Most of us have forgotten who we are. We have lost touch with the very thing/s that make our hearts sing. Somewhere between living up to our parents' values and society’s virtues, we forgot the true illumination of who we are. We stopped sipping from the sweetness of our own nectar.

But just because we forgot, doesn’t mean we can’t remember.

We are all here on a mission. Ultimately that mission is to serve one another. That mission is about offering your unique contribution to the universal fabric in this physical realm. When you walk your Soul’s true path, the Universe will hold your hand, lift you, and support you every step of the way.

This doesn’t necessarily mean your bank account will be overflowing and you’ll be jet-setting off to a remote island every weekend. Remember, money is just one form of energy. True prosperity isn’t about accumulating material possessions. Prosperity is about the constant expansion, growth, and support your Soul came here to experience. When you vibrate in your Truth, the cosmos will vibrate right back with you.

And, once you’re tapped in to the realm of limitless possibility, it’s rather fun to see what the Universe delivers.

If you want to go deeper into this topic with a group of yogis on the prosperous path, you’ll want to be at the next Soul Expansion Sunday (February 3rd, 9am-11am). Click here to pre-register.

Sat Nam

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