The Awesome Side of Anger

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

The spiritual path is about transmuting darkness to light. And remembering it is an infinite process we work on throughout our lives.

Lessons from the Softball Field...

My eldest lil yogi did something the other day that made my heart exploded with hearts and stars.

She lost her softball game. But it was the passion and motivation that she brought to her game that made this yogi momma’s heart burst wide open.

After the game she said, “Did you see me strike out my first time up to bat?”

I did.

“Well, it pissed me off.”

(Yes, she did use the word pissed, and while that was not what made me proud, I did silently commend her for having the guts to use a word with the venom of emotion she was feeling).

She went on, “it really pissed me off that that pitcher struck me out. And so I took my anger and used it to play better. I took all my anger and turned it into motivation to charge after balls in the field and make contact with the ball when I was up to bat.”

I do have to say, even though her team lost, she played better then she ever had that game.

Her innate decision to use her anger for the highest good possible, is the heart of yogic teachings (and what made this yogi momma’s heart explode with happiness).

Truth is, anger is a human emotion. It’s not something we should deny or pretend it’s not there. Being you are human, you’re gonna feel this very human emotion at times. And as my daughter played out in her softball game, anger is actually a useful emotion when we channel it properly. Instead of denying our anger and keeping it in the dark, we can bring it into the light and do something productive with it. Otherwise it will only fester and turn against us. It can destruct businesses, relationships, and the valuable connection to self (which ultimately is the one connection that connects us to everything.)

Now, if I could bottle up a prescription that turned anger into motivation, that would be something. (For anyone getting entrepreneurial ideas on that concept, just remember you saw it in writing here first!) But really, the real rewards in life come from the work we put in. So while a pill sounds like a lovely, quick-fix notion, all it could ever really amount to is a placebo effect.

What I can offer you is the motivational space to make those anger-to-action steps possible. Since the process isn’t always innate, being that one of the side effects of anger is a clouded mind, it is valuable to have a supportive space to transmute this emotion.

Even more, often anger is this intense emotion that brews for months, years, even decades. It so insidious, we aren’t always aware it’s there. (Passive-aggressive much?)

If you are ready to stop stewing and start doing, click here to set up a coaching appointment. (Appointments can be done via phone/skype so proximity isn’t a problem).

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