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Modifications are available for all poses.

Soul Expansion Sunday

Sunday 5/4, 9-11AM

$25 drop in / $20 pre-register


Align with Soul ~ Connect with Spirit

Class led by Jennifer Greenwald


  • Turn Fate into Destiny (Karma Cleansing Part 2)

  • Live in alignment with your Soul Purpose

  • Gain a new depth of your spiritual experience.

  • Participate in potent group energy.

  • Learn an ancient mantra for purification

Take time to tune in.  Through the vibrations of music, movement, breath, gong bath, and deep meditation, you will deeply connect with Spirit.  This soulful experience will help you set intention for the new month, release old thought patterns that hold you hostage, and give you the opportunity to connect with like-minded community. 

Class Includes:

  • music & mantra

  • intention setting

  • lite kundalini yoga

  • deep group meditation

  • gong bath 

  • tea & talk

(all levels welcome)

Location: Avant Garde, Branford,CT

Full Moon Gong Bath

Friday, April 19th 6:45pm


Salt Cave Full Moon Meditation and Gong Bath

The full moon is a time to release and let go. As the moon begins to wan, it’s a perfect time to release old patterns that hold us back from realizing our real radiance. If you are ready to evolve towards your highest potential, it’s time to partake in the most ultimate healing experience you’ve ever known. Spend an hour in a therapeutic salt cave. Meditate with a powerful mantra. Renew with the primal vibrations of a gong bath.


This ultimate healing will put you in a state of utter relaxation and rejuvenation. Be ready for some major shifts after this experience.

Location: Rain Wellness Spa, Branford, CT


September 24th, October 25th & November 23rd

Salt 'n Soul

Friday, April 26 | 6-8pm


Soul 'n Salt

Kundalini Yoga and Salt Cavern Relaxation

Take time out to tune in.  Quiet the outer noise, and listen to the solace of your Soul.


The Soul 'n Salt experience is designed to help you release your holdings and find clarity, focus, vitality, and inner peace.  Life moves fast.  When we slow down and listen, we find the answers to our inner most questions and prayers. 


Give yourself a session of kundalini yoga followed by an ultimate deep relaxation (savasana) in the Soulshine Salt Cavern. 


This evening event will help you heal holdings from the past, give you the experience of your Soul, and allow you to shine your radiant light.  

SALT CAVE BENEFITS (Halotherapy): 

There are a wide range of health benefits time in a salt cave offers. 


“Inhaling particles may reduce inflammation and mucus in the lungs, improving respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinus congestion and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Scientific studies show that people with asthma and other ailments breath easier after halotherapy.


The calming and detoxifying effects of halotherapy can support the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems. Additional benefits are reduced stress and headaches, increased energy, and better sleep patterns. Treatments are recommended to help keep the body healthy during flu or allergy seasons. 


Skin conditions can also be improved with halotherapy (psoriasis, rashes, eczema, acne). Table salt, sodium chloride, is dehydrating, but pure mineral salts have natural moisturizing properties and support the skin’s water balance and barrier function by attracting moisture to the skin. Minerals are necessary for cell function and detoxification, so mineral salts have strong rejuvenating properties.”


-Organic Spa Magazine 

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"If you want to do something truly uplifting for yourself, I encourage you to take a class, program, or coach with Jennifer, as it is the ultimate self-love gesture."

Amanda, Spiritual Leader and Mother